Scything and the art of conversation

Photo by Phillipa King

In many parts of this country anyone holding a razor sharp steel blade attached to a pole would find themselves invited to a night in the cells, swiftly followed by an unenviable encounter with the magistrates.

Here it is nothing more than a good conversation starter, and what good conversations we have had. These local woods and the meadow are more than just a place to walk the dog. People come here for quality time with the children, spiritual connections with nature, respite from traumatic events in their lives, or just out of a love of beauty and wild things. Or indeed all those things at once. It is only by talking to people that we have come to understand how many things bind us all to the natural world.

In these days of lockdowns and social distancing, having some fresh air and a walk in the woods has taken on a new importance for a great many people. All we ask of you is that you have respect for these places, and help us to preserve them for everything that calls them home, and for everyone else who visits, whatever their reasons.

Try and leave no trace except your footprints. And if you meet a bloke with a scythe don’t worry, I really am quite friendly.

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