The Old Track


This is the start of a project to reinstate a section of the old track between the meadow and the drive to the cottage. One of its aims is to restore part of the public footpath and provide walkers with a hard surface during the winter instead of the annual mud bath.

We do not know when it acquired its hardened surface but you can see the line of the track in the white chalky area uncovered by the digger. This is the first time this part of the track has seen the light of day for around 40 years.

Due to the current lockdown this project has been slow to start and may go on for some time longer than we expected. There may be piles of earth and materials at various times, and we would appreciate it if small children were kept from climbing on them. The public right of way will remain open but please be patient if you are asked to wait a couple of minutes. Many thanks.

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