New Deer Fence

We now have a third deer fence which is around this year’s coppice coupe at the north-east margin of the wood near the path from the stream. The fence is in two sections divided by the deep ditch inside the wood. These fences have proved to be very effective in protecting coppices in their first few years of regrowth. Our first deer fence was erected in June 2016, we intend to take it down this year at the end of the growing season. We might keep a small enclosure for another year to protect our Hornbeam coppices.

Mowing the Margins

IMG_2805c SDNP Volunteers

A huge thank you to Lead Ranger Phillippa Morrison-Price and her wonderful South Downs National Park volunteers for mowing the margins of Pheasant Field on Wednesday. Great job! And good fun too. Hopefully we’ll see you again a little later in the year, we’re looking forward to it. Phillippa is on Twitter @Ranger_sndpa