Coppicing season has started again. This winter we are coppicing a quarter hectare on the north-east side of the wood near the path from the stream into the meadow. The public footpath will not be affected but walkers may be asked to wait a few moments when we are coppicing some of the larger trees in that area. Please take note of all signs and do not cross any barrier tape we have erected inside the wood. And please keep your dog on a lead as chainsaws are being used. Thank you.

Lag Wood and Pheasant Field on Flickr

We’ve been keeping a photo diary of Lag Wood and Pheasant Field for almost exactly five years. It includes views of the wood and meadow, and many of the flowers, insects and other creatures that inhabit this amazing part of the natural landscape. Our Flickr photostream is called “A Sussex Woodland” and can be found here. The photos work in conjunction with a species list that we can send to you if you are interested in the natural flora and fauna of Sussex. Just leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address and we will send you one.