Debris Dam


A debris dam on the Lag Stream in Lag Wood. This dam is the first part of a series of measures proposed by the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust on the water courses upstream of Spitalford Bridge in Lag Wood and Butchers Wood. The dam is not intended to block the stream, simply to slow down the rate of flow after heavy rainfall and help contribute towards natural flood prevention for Hassocks. It is constructed out of materials from the wood and is located where the stream naturally tends to form blockages. It is designed to allow aquatic life to pass through it, and it is hoped that it will add to the habitat diversity in this rare chalk stream. Two further debris dams have been constructed along one of our ditches to help slow down natural runoff from the wood during periods of exceptional rainfall. A huge thank you all the local volunteers who helped to construct them on a suitably rainy day last Thursday.