Coppices and temporary fencing

coppices 2016

Our objectives at Lag Wood are, and always will be, the maintenance of habitats and biodiversity in this ancient woodland. Coppicing lets light and warmth onto the woodland floor, improves ground flora and enables all manner of regeneration including trees. This is the reason why we are doing it. But there is an opportunity to offset some of our costs by selling some of the cut wood locally. Hence the stacks of wood awaiting collection by a local firewood merchant when the ground is firmer in late spring or early summer.

We are expecting all the felled coppice stools to regrow, and this regrowth needs protection from rabbits and deer both of which can kill coppice stools in the early phases of regrowth. We are particularly concerned for our Hornbeams. Some of the Hornbeam stools are extremely old and none have been coppiced since 1945. A few weeks ago deer caused significant damage to coppices in the locality. To give all our coppices the best chance of successful regrowth we will be erecting a temporary deer fence around the quarter hectare currently being coppiced in the central section of the wood.

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