Those odd yellow flags

If you are walking in the wood you might notice lines of enigmatic yellow flags in odd parts of the wood, sometimes accompanied by strips of yellow tape lined up with them. You might also wonder why they keep moving around. Don’t worry, we are marking out areas for our management plan so that we can survey in detail what is in the wood. This includes estimating numbers and ages of trees and coppice stools, assessing areas of habitat and documenting flora and fauna. It is an important part of planning. It helps us understand where and what we coppice, and what we leave alone. It also forms a baseline which we can use, in future years, to assess whether we are meeting our objectives of improving habitat and biodiversity in Lag Wood. It’s quite a detailed job so the little flags might be around for a few weeks.


Pulling Creeping Thistle

A big, if belated, thank you to the volunteers of the South Downs National Park for giving us such a great helping hand in the meadow – for the third time this year. This time scything and pulling creeping thistle, which is no easy task. A huge thanks from us and good to meet you all again. IMG_1488