A huge thanks to the Monday Group for clearing this section of public footpath where it enters the meadow from Misty Bridge. Just below the surface in this picture is the old hardened track that once ran from the bridge to Woodbine Cottage. It should be a lot firmer to walk on and less steep where walkers have hitherto had to clamber up the slope to the stile. Next week the Monday Group will be clearing the brambles along the old track to where it joins the existing footpath a little lower down.

We are in discussion with Ian Weir and Les Campbell of the Hassocks Parish Council about how to improve other parts of the public footpaths which have become very muddy this year.

Woodland Management

Some work will be taking place in the Lag Wood and Pheasant Field on Monday 2nd of February to clear paths of large fallen trees and other hazards. This will involve the use of a chainsaw and other tools. For everyone’s safety, please keep your dog on a lead and avoid disturbing anyone working in the wood or meadow.