More raking this weekend

If you’d like to help us this weekend, please get in touch by replying below. It’s 80% done but it’s very important that we try & rake the rest of the cut grass up as soon as possible, before it composts or new grass grows through it, to reduce the fertility of the meadow & encourage wild flowers.

A big ‘thank you’ to Giles & family, Ken, & Margaret for helping last weekend.

Scything The Pheasant Field.

P1000747A huge thanks to all the volunteers at the weekend. You made a real difference to helping us restore The Pheasant Field to the flower meadow that it should be.  We’ll be back raking at the weekend. If you would like to come and help us please reply in the comments box below.

And a massive thank you also goes to our fantastic team of scythers who came from all over the country to work in the meadow. It was a sight that has not been seen in rural Sussex perhaps for many decades. Watching them work and listening to them talk about scything has been an extraordinary experience for us.

It was a massive job, even for seven scythers but around three quarters of the meadow was cut. They’ll be back in September for a second round. Our team was Beth, Gemma, Phil, Chris, Petra, Iain and Andrew. All these friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated people are keen to promote scything, if you want to learn more they can be contacted via Beth Tilston at . And see also .

Scything the meadow 18th and 19th May

Pheasant field  adjacent to Lag Wood – We plan to cut our meadow using a team of scythers this weekend (18th-19th May), weather permitting!. This may seem an unusual time of year to do this but the advice has been to keep the grass down as soon as possible and rake up all the cuttings. The purpose is to help restore the meadow as a habitat for wild flowers.

If you would like to help us with raking up and disposing of the cut grass please reply to this and we’ll e-mail you with details of what to do.

We ask members of the public to keep to the public footpaths across the meadow and keep dogs on leads when scything is in progress.

The scything team will be camping in the meadow with one or more vehicles and several tents so please don’t be alarmed, we’re not being invaded.