February Update

We’ve been on a concerted fact finding mission since November. We have met many very dedicated and knowledgeable people from The Sussex Wildlife trust, The South Downs National Park, the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust, and an ecologist from West Sussex County Council. We’ll be meeting the Woodland Trust soon.  Our thanks to the HAA for putting us in touch with people who can help us preserve the rich and diverse life of both the wood and meadow.

The advice so far is that the meadow should be our first priority. It needs mowing soon in order to restore its wildflowers and preserve the butterfly habitats on its margins. Meadows are rare these days. 26 species of butterflies have been reported in the Pheasant Field over the years, that is roughly half the butterfly species in the UK. We are likely to mow it in April and again later in the year. We are looking for people interested in the job.

We are looking to find what other species we have. We are starting a dormouse survey in April. This is more scientific than it sounds, dormice are an important indicator of the linkages between habitats in the area. We will be following this up with surveys of bats, invertebrates, mosses and other wildlife.

We have permission from the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre for copies of the report we commissioned on Lag Wood and Pheasant Field to be made available to local residents. Sussex Wildlife Trust would appreciate a small donation.

Local people are important to us. We hope to involve some local people in some of our surveys and we’ve given our permission for Lag Wood to be used as part of the Downlands Dash fun run on the 22nd of June starting at Downlands School. And it has been a pleasure meeting the HAA, local dog walkers and some of our fascinating neighbours.

Rubbish has been a small but persistent problem in the south west corner. We’re going to restore the fence on the cinder path where it has collapsed and leave access to Lag Wood from Pheasant Field.

We’re very interested in meeting people who have knowledge of the history of Lag Wood or memories they would like to share.

Hopefully we’ll be updating this Website more regularly in the future. 

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